A line of wearable forms and furnishings that change the viewer's perception through one use or daily use.

Hat Poem, 52 x 13 inches, chalk on black gessoed paper

Vocalist Anaïs Maviel performs Emily Harris' Contemplative Outerwear Cap #3, WBA,
The Stone* at The Glass Theater, The New School, New York, NY, March 16, 2019. Photo Renee Morello

Contemplative Outerwear Cap is a cap made with saffron colored threads that hang from the brim in front of the face. I invited vocalist Anaïs Maviel to collaborate. In March, 2019, Maviel performed the cap with a solo set of animated sounds, hums, clicks, abstracted language and tactile song. When performed, we can SEE words, sounds and breath in the moving silken threads. It expresses the tactility of our interactions and the physical touch of breath and speech - literal sound shapes. Thank you to Anaïs, John Halpern and New Consume for partnering with me on this project.*A continuation of John Zorn's experimental avante garde performance initiative.


DIY - How to Make The Contemplative Outerwear Cap with Nina Stark
Film shoot in Kensington, Brooklyn, 2020



Chalk Drawings from Aikido movements at Woodstock Dojo

Question from Drew Wesley
Image posted on Instagram Feb 20, 2021, bow = breath

I’m interested to know your thoughts on how the individual experiential awareness of wearing the cap interacts with an external more general awareness in the context of (for example) two people having a conversation with them on. Is it about the siloed internal perception of the individual or does the cap exists as a training tool to become aware and eventually be discarded—an object inscribed with its own destruction?