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As Our Breaths Run, Saturday, Feb. 18, 2-7pm (artist talk 4pm)
On view February 18 - April 9
North Willows, Montclair, NJ
Please contact for more information.

The Blossom as the Self, Thursday, Feb. 9, 6-8pm
On view February 9 - March 12
A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


North Willows
, project space in Montclair, NJ (with Kim Bello and Jason M. Stewart)
Authored text for Rhizomes of Place and conducted interview with Jason M. Stewart

conceived by Kate Parry

Invitation to visual artists, dancers, musicians, and poets to create a work about their relationship to light.
Site in progress

The Land of Here and Now: Five Years of Artists at Shared Space Studio
, Thurs. June 9, 5:30 - 7:30pm
The Fed Galleries at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
On view June 8 - July 23, 2016

Press Release

Artist Talk with Visiting Artist Emily Harris, Tues. Mar. 22, 2:30pm
Washington College, Chestertown, MD
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On Gravity: Emily Harris, Brendan Hughes, Tobin Rothlein, Fri. Mar. 4, 6-9pm
AFA Gallery, Scranton, PA
Press Release

"Artist Emily Harris Investigates How a Body Imprints Itself on an Environment, and Vice Versa," by Jacqueline Bishop, The Huffington Post, Feb. 7, 2016


A Roaming Performance, Sat. Oct. 17, 12noon

Kleinert/James Center for the Arts (Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild), 36 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY

HAND/MADE: The Digital Age and The Industrial Revolution,
Opening reception: Sat. Sept 5, 4-6pm (with panel discussion at 3pm)

Kleinert/James Center for the Arts (Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild), 36 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY
On view Sept. 4 - Oct. 18

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THE|PAI|RDA|NCE|GAM|E, Sun. June 14, 4pm
Interactive choreography project performed as part of Katie Fowley's chapbook release "Dances and Parks"
The Music Pagoda, Prospect Park

Description & Images


Resonant Traces, Sun. Oct. 19, 1-4pm (artist talk and demonstration TBA)
A collaboration with sound artist Jonathan Zorn
Union Street Studio, LLC, 78 Union Street between Columbia and Van Brunt Sts., Brooklyn, NY
On view Oct. 19 - Nov. 26

Puffin Celebrates Women's History Month, Sun. Mar 2, 4pm
The Puffin Cultural Forum, 20 Puffin Way, Teaneck, NJ 07666
On view through Apr 1 - Gallery hours Tues-Thurs 12-4pm
Puffin Cultural Forum

Judson Loft, Wed. Feb 5, 8pm
Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Sq. So., NYC, 10012
On view through Mar. 1
I will be showing work at Judson Church as part of the 1 artist/month exhibition series The God Light, curated by Jay Pluck.
The God Light at Judson
Judson Memorial Church Bailout Theater

Received the Frank Hyder '72 MFA in Studio Art Award


Untitled (a living document), Fri. July 12, 6pm,
Sheila and Richard Riggs Gallery, MICA, Baltimore, MD
Thesis Exhibition

Untitled (Drawing a Living Document)

Thesis Talk, July 6th
Graduate Studio Center Auditorium, Baltimore, MD


Fredericktown, OH
Inaugural residents
October 21, Google+LIVE Feed with high-school class in Washington D.C.
Open Wabi Project

Roaming Urban Soundscapes, September 9th
49 Waltzes for 5 Boroughs, (with Paul Sadowski), a restaging of John Cage piece, performance and gallery exhibition, part of Cage Centennial
Cooper Union, Great Hall, NYC

*Review in The New Yorker, Talk of the Town, "Revival: Mushroom Noises" by Peter Canby
Revival: Mushroom Noises, article by Peter Canby

August 5th, Sunday evening slide talk
Pentwater, MI
Shared Space Studio

Musicircus II, June
Roulette, NYC
Demo of 49 Waltzes for 5 Boroughs (with Paul Sadowski)

In Progress, June/July

Decker Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltmore, MD


Fifty Two Project

A weekly posting between artists, poets, writers and musicians. fiftytwoproject

Impermanent Fixtures, February 2-27, 2011, A.I.R. Gallery, 111 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY www.airgallery.org

Impermanent Fixtures, highlights work by three artists who work fluently through sculpture, drawing, installation and video to create objects and images, which find potential in everyday materials and inspiration in naturally occurring phenomena. The works in Impermanent Fixtures hint at different levels of unseen performance suggesting that the forms will continue evolving, eroding, and multiplying

Rooted in sculpture, Biddle's work also ventures into areas of drawing and video. She creates landscapes and objects that explore and remind us of inner worlds, where the macrocosm and the microcosm become interchangeable. Harris sets up a soft stampede of subtle and blunt marks that agitate and form puzzles on the surface of her ink drawings and painted sculpture. Her work is a hybrid of process and self-generated systems. By utilizing large quantities of mass produced items, in this case zippers, Wolert seeks to question predetermined perceptions by bringing the everyday into a new light. Through cutting, disassembling and repositioning the zippers, she explores notions of value, meaning, aesthetics and function. For this exhibition, Wolert will create a large-scale site-specific wall installation comprised of zippers alongside some smaller mixed media works.

In the exhibition Impermanent Fixtures the three artists invent their own systems that mimic the natural processes of growth and decay, sharing a fascination, respect and wonder for the natural world. A small artist’s book documents and accompanies the exhibition.

Duck and Decoracted Shed, September 10 - Oct 23rd, 2011, NurtureArt, 910 Grand Street www.nurtureart.org Hung a 3-banner fabric piece in the entrance for the show.


Day Remembers Night/ Night Remembers Day, October 2009, Iowa City, IA; collaboration with Kate Parry. Featured in the Works in Progress Festival

South 3rd Street, September 2009, Iowa City, IA; collaboration with Jenny Assef (words by J.A. written directly on wall)

(s k i n of a w a v e)
Public Space 1 September 4, 2009, Iowa City, IA

Imagine the words and the page they are written upon as being separate. The letters become a delicate lace, forming small windows within an a, or an o, larger windows between each word and paragraph. The lace of the letters floats over the white page like foam on the skin of a wave. The words are carrier birds, charged with voice and meaning. But, what is the page?

Consider a line of poetry:
said the fish: lift me. fell me said the ash.
and the stars went suggestible to shape.
~Eleza Jaeger

To understand this poem, the reader must participate in visualizing the images the words introduce. The reader must rummage through her own memory until she finds a suitable likeness for the fish, the ash tree, a formation of stars in the sky. This process benefits both the reader and the poet. Without the exterior cues that the poet's words provide, the reader's memories would lie sleeping, possibly fall away. Without a reader, the poet's words are equally dormant. The white of the page isn't empty, it is full of all it allows us to imagine. The page becomes a screen on which we can see the poet's thoughts and the reader's memories collide. It's here, that an exchange takes place and a new, collaborative image is formed. This exhibit is meant to explore the possibilities of exchange that can take place in these blank spaces, between artists and poets, artists and musicians, and artists and the public.

A r t i s t s a n d W r i t e r s: Emily Harris and Jenny Assef Eleza Jaeger, Hil Jaeger, and Katie Parry Eva Wylie Julia Schwadron Eliza Fernand Ben Estes

In Iowa City as a part of The Prairie Placard Project, curated and organized by Kate Parry, I accompanied Eliza Fernand in a rousing performance of "Weeds Are Wildflowers"


Visiting Berlin, the soviet architecture, history, and interactive nature of visiting and discovering a new place have made me interested in pursuing art in public. I want to be making things that tell of a space and rely on a space. In Berlin I began making short animations . . . to be added to the website soon . . .

Windows Brooklyn 2009, June 6-13, 2009 in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens Neighborhoods of Brooklyn. www.windowsbrooklyn.com

Day Remembers Night/ Night Remembers Day
From a flock of starlings to the shape of bricks and the movement of shadow, Kate Parry and Emily Harris loosely translate scenes in front of the window at 315 Court Street. As if the window had an awareness, like the ocean in the book Solaris by Ukrainian writer Stanislaw Lem, it absorbs images from the day and night and incorporates this memory into dreams. Parry and Harris use the window's reflective dreams to show the day images to the night, and the night images to the day.
A conversation between "Night" and "Day" will accompany the week-long project.
Come meet the artists Saturday, June 13th, 2-4PM.
Thank you to Carla at Ola Baby and the curators of Windows Brooklyn.

2nd Annual Represent Brooklyn, April 11th - May 9th, TRA Gallery
Show includes: Paintings, Photography, Mix Media & Sculptures by Artists from Brooklyn whose artwork is inspired by Brooklyn.

TRA GALLERY (The Rising Arts Gallery)
35 Claver Place loft #1
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12 - 6 pm; Monday - Friday (by appointment)


Sunday, December 7 - Christian DeFilippo, Emily Harris, and Daniel Peterson
Subletters Gallery is happy to invite you to their third show, a wild combination of Christian DeFilippo, Emily Harris, and Daniel Peterson. These artists share a commitment to subtle beauties, as well as life's mysterious intimacies. DeFilippo saturates his collages with color, patterns and vibrant figures. Harris seduces scraps and orphaned materials into lovely compositions and sculptures. While Peterson extracts mood and personal instincts from both his absorbing text drawings, and his naturalistic photographs. Subletters Gallery is officially in high gear with shows every Sunday in December, before x-mas. However, this is a show not to miss!
Review of the Show in Bushwick BK.com

For the month of August, I am in Afton, MN for a residency. This picture is of the neighboring meadow - with Bison! (not pictured)
Check back in the Fall for new work.

"Unbridled Dawn," by Susan Bee

I curated the A.I.R. New York Gallery Artists' group show and a night of performance that included: Eliza Fernand, Ari Tabei, Erica Magrey and Rob Van Erve.

SCENE CHANGE: The New York Gallery Artists, curated by Emily Harris
June 24 - July 19,

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 26th, 6 - 8 pm. www.airgallery.org
Friday, July 18th at 6pm, A.I.R. Performance Night!
A.I.R. Gallery.
511 West 25th Street, #301
New York, NY 10001


Projected video under the BQE. Minimal and slowed-down, the video documented the figures and sounds that were reflected in this piece by Ronald Davis. The highly-reflective all-resin work was hung above the MoMA reception area.

Your Documents Please, April 4 - August 1, International traveling exhibition: New York, NY; Bratislava, Slovak Republic; The Museum of Arts & Crafts, Itami-shi, Japan; Yokohama, Japan For online catalog http://yourdocumentsplease.com; http://yourdocumentsplease.com/pages/catalog/harris.html


REPRESENT: Series of intergenerational feminist dialogues. Open to the public. Organized by Nancy Azara and myself as well as Nancy Friedemann, Simone Meltesen, Katherine Dolgy Ludwig and others. REPRESENT Feminist Roundtable. A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, NY. Topic: WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution at P.S.1


Print Edition, Red Cloud at Sundown, 2007, Produced in conjunction with A Kind of Love, Ai Gallery, Chicago, IL For more information contact Kim Hoffman @ kim@allegoricspace.com

April 26 - 30, bridge ArtFair chicago07
April 20 - June 2, 4 person show curated by Erika Somogyi. We are flying to Chicago to install the show and will be there during the VERSION07 Festival!
A Kind of Love, Ai Gallery, Chicago, IL

Kelie Bowman www.cindersgallery.com
Erica Magrey www.ericamagrey.com
Erika Somogyi www.throughthetrees.net






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