A collaboration with sound artist Jonathan Zorn, exploring the sonic characteristics of space.


Listening Station, six audio pieces and edited final "Greatest Hits," a ten-minute flow of pulses edited in accordance with the acoustics of the building; Laminated "Text Scores" generated on-site for the performance; "Dropping Pool Balls in Corners", (far left) pipe cleaner, tape.


“dropping pool balls in corners . . . “ 2014, pipe cleaner, tape


“running up and down stairs before the end of the previous sound . . .”  2014, string, tape,
Placement of the string creates a visual counterpoint by adhering the top of the string in threes and the bottom loops in twos.

“hanging line . . .”  2014, pipe cleaner, thread,
Placement of the line interracts with printing process as line hangs just below the printer's nose, or some variable height in front of the face.


“drop beanbags from . . .“ 2014, thread, tape
  a forty foot line of thread stretches through the mid-line of the office building, across a concrete floor and then falls into a loose curve with the pressure of gravity to the entrance 30 feet below. . .

“drop beanbags from . . . “ “a screen” (detail) 2014, thread
Loosely moving with the air and activity of the office, the threads track the path of the sun in strands that interrupt the sunlight.





Spaces Speak, Are you Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter, (The MIT Press, 2007).